Calm KeyI have been supervising other Counsellors/Therapists via my private practice for the past 8 years. Prior to this I also had experience supervising psychiatry students, counsellors and social workers on a clinical basis and managerial supervision for staff in my role as Operational & Clinical Manager within the NHS. At this time I also facilitated Group supervision sessions.

I hold a Masters Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy (2002) and obtained an ENB award in Supervision in Clinical Practice (2000). I have personally been involved in individual and group supervision together with peer support sessions throughout my career.

My role as a Supervisor has many aspects which may involve being a mentor, coach or colleague and sometimes a consultant or a sounding board. I hope to provide a consistent space and relationship in which the Supervisee can find their balance and trust in their skills, instincts and capacities as a Counsellor. I expect that, as the relationship develops, the Supervisee is able to use our relationship and the space provided, to reflect on their experiences, feelings and thoughts about their clients. Often sessions can be a useful place to offer nurturing and support when a supervisee experiences a client’s world as disturbing or challenging.

Supervision sessions depend on my ability as a Supervisor to encourage the best from my Supervisee for the benefit of their clients. This ability is not necessarily dependent upon us sharing the same preferred psychological model, but more about my responsibility to learn how the Supervisee wants to work and to support, encourage and aid the development of that way of working.

Naturally I have a responsibility to the professional body with whom the Supervisee is registered and supervision is not possible without that professional ethical frame of reference. Membership of one or other of the professional organisations for counsellors, psychotherapists or psychologists is a necessary prerequisite for supervision to take place.

My work as a supervisor has been influenced by own experience of working with various supervisors and basing my approach on their influence as role models to me. My theoretical influences have mainly been from the solution focused and CBT frameworks, Systems approach to supervision and the dynamic model of Hawkins & Shohet. Other areas of influence stem from my pluralistic approach to counselling ensuring an individual approach dependent upon my supervisee’s needs and requirements.

My Experience over the past 25 years has shown me that the environment in which the Counsellor works and into which clients come, can have a significant influence in the therapeutic process and I offer a relaxed and informal environment for this.